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Up to 24 Hours Cold ❄️ & 12 hours Hot 🔥

The FITCHUG® genesis was simply a dropped $50.00 water bottle hitting the asphalt in a parking lot. That perfect sticker covered water bottle was dented and scratched! Funny how that is similar to the same feeling one might get when they get that first door-ding on a brand new car. Looking for a solution there were some thin silicone boots you see like this → (See Here) about 3mm thick and some other sleeves at 7mm but no serious engineering went into the design for the elimination of damage caused by impacts or reducing kinetic energy. None of them protected the top & bottom with flexibility and interchangeability based on need, demand or color preference. 

So we filed for multiple Patents and made a better mouse trap.


Simply the toughest water bottle made! FITCHUG® manufactures the most durable and best performing Patent Pending water bottle protection. You can buy a FITCHUG® water bottle with our high grade protection included for about the same price as one of those $50.00 water bottles but we include our patent pending protection. 

❄️ Cold for up-to 24 hours

🔥 Hot for up-to 12 hours 


Many hours of testing, hundreds of drops and then, yes, even more drops. We designed it, engineered it and tested it - only then did we produce it. Our bottle bumpers protect the top & bottom of water bottles. They offer your bottle the best protective environment possible. 

Our Patent Pending 14mm water bottle protection is the STRONGEST and THICKEST on the market.

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