FITCHUG water bottles are made from double wall vacuum insulated 18/8 food grade stainless steel.

You can use simple liquid dish soap and a sponge or soft dish cleaning brush (not included) such as the one shown here for getting those hard to reach areas inside. If you have a hard to get off dirty substance or grim you can also try isopropyl alcohol. - We don't recommend other harsh chemicals. 

*Dishwashers are not recommended and will void your warranty.

Many dishwashers have a high heat process and when combined with detergents can become corrosive during the wash cycle. Those harsh elements can have an adverse affect on the bottles exterior and thus damage them.

Yes absolutely.
FITCHUG water bottles keep liquids hot for up-to 12 hours and cold for up-to 24 hours.
We recommend using extreme caution when pouring any hot liquids into the bottle to avoid getting burned.

 We DO NOT recommend using the Flip Straw Lid if you intend on using hot liquids in your water bottle. They are not 100% leak proof and hot liquids can create pressure which could result in burns.
B) Hot liquids can create internal pressure - use extreme caution when opening any bottle with hot liquids inside as they maybe under pressure.

This sound is actually from part of the Manufacturing process and can be normal. This small noise was created when they preformed the vacuum insulating process and will not affect the performance of the bottle or insulation values.


The 64oz PRO SERIES BOTTLE-GEAR™  is designed for:
Fitness | Gym | Active Lifestyle | High Capacity 64oz Bottles | Home & Office | Daily Use

The 40oz PRO SERIES BOTTLE-GEAR™ is 50% lighter than our 40oz XTREME bumpers and is designed for:
Fitness | Gym | Active Lifestyle | Kids | Home & Office | Daily Use

The 40oz XTREME SERIES BOTTLE-GEAR™ is designed for:
Heavy Duty | Construction | Hard Jobs | Harsh Environments | Outdoor

Also see → BUMPER TECH

Yes, they fit many others. In fact we have tested the bottles listed below ↓  and have achieved proper fitment.  
Hydro Flask™ Wide Mouth 32oz (Old and New 2.0 style)
Hydro Flask™ Wide Mouth 40oz (Old and New 2.0 style)
Hydro Flask™ Wide Mouth 64oz (Old and New 2.0 style)

For more bottle fitment information also see →BUMPER TECH

Yes, you can also measure the bottom your bottle. Simply measure the cross-section in the middle of the bottom of your bottle. This will help determine if the FITCHUG BOTTLE-GEAR™ you are considering will fit your exact brand/ bottle.

40oz Xtreme SERIES bumper opening is 3.6" wide
2. 40oz PRO SERIES bumper opening is 3.6" wide
3. 64oz PRO SERIES bumper opening is 4.9" wide 

For more bottle fitment information also see →BUMPER TECH

Our 40oz top & bottom and lower 64oz BOTTLE-GEAR™ will fit most New & Old style wide-mouth water bottles.

For more bottle fitment information also see →BUMPER TECH

FITCHUG BOTTLE-GEAR™ is made from a custom blended high food grade silicone. They are BPA free and anti-slip. -(Hand Wash Only)


Our LUX-BOTTLE™ takes our PRO SERIES bottles and applies a special exterior coating to give them a luxurious look unlike any other bottle out there. Our LUX-BOTTLE™ also includes our PRO SERIES BOTTLE-GEAR™.

Our LUX-BOTTLES™ are not made for everyone. A LUX-BOTTLE™ are for those who want the best in hydration & performance but also demand refined looks in it's execution.
1.$600 pair of limited edition sneaks
2.$15k, Numbered Italian watch 
3.$10k, Special Edition French handbag 
All of these examples ↑ indicate the need for better care. If you're looking for a bottle with an exterior that demands less care we suggest looking at our Pro Series bottles.

Our LUX-BOTTLE™ with its vibrant colors and high gloss exterior were made to look amazing!

For an extremely durable water bottle we recommend our PRO SERIES


• Currently we have three cap/ lid options seen HERE.
• All our premium water bottles come standard with our FLEXI-CAP Flip Straw Lid as the standard.
• The Hoop lid is available as an option as is the PRO SERIES lid -both can be purchased separately or included with your order as a add-on. To see Lids CLICK HERE


1. All in-stock orders received by 3PM MST will ship same day.
2. All in-stock orders received after 3PM MST will ship next business day.
3. All backordered items will ship next business day after received/replenished at our warehouse.

For more questions on orders feel free to email us. We respond to emails within 24 hours of receipt or by the next business day. CONTACT US 


We have a limited lifetime warranty against Manufacturer defects for the life of the product. If you have an item that has become defective under normal conditions or suggested use please email us. CONTACT US

• We may use replacement parts or a full replacement of all parts to make up a products warranty replacement. Each of the components that make up a product will be handled individually in the warranty process. We will replace all of the parts that have become defective under the limited lifetime warranty. 

• Items that fall within the warranty program can not be returned for a refund - (for refunds see 30 day return policy above on this page). 

• Small rattle noise inside bottle. This sound is actually from part of the Manufacturing process and is normal. This small noise was created when they preformed the vacuum insulating process and will not affect the performance of the bottle or insulation values.

• If applicable and approved on certain occasions items can be exchanged for a similar item.- [Customer pays return shipping if warranty exchange is approved] 

• Obsolete models. If your product/s has been discontinued or updated to a newer model your product/s original price will be applied to the new model/ product. If the newer model is more expensive the customer will have to pay the difference or retain a store credit for the original products purchase price to obtain the warranty. - [We can not refund your product after the initial 30 days]

We try our best to provide the strongest water bottles made and even provide the strongest bottle bumper gear so you can make your existing water bottles not only look cool but last longer.  Sometimes things happen and we get that.  If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase we accept returns & exchanges for any unused item within 30 days of purchase.

Please contact us prior to sending any return to us. We will provide you with an RMA # (Return Merchandise Authorization). CONTACT US

Because our LUX-BOTTLE™ is considered a Luxury item, a very different set of circumstances apply to the warranty. For example our LUX-Bottle™ can get light scratches or scuffs on the exterior coating VERY easily. Thus we have tried to be VERY diligent in any reference or page on the LUX-BOTTLE™ page stating that we can not cover or warranty a LUX-BOTTLE™ due to light scratches or scuffs. LUX-BOTTLES are indeed the most luxurious looking hydration bottle made but they do require the owner to be very careful in how they handle and maintain their bottle.

If you desire a more durable bottle we strongly suggest our PRO SERIES bottles which should not give you any problems in everyday all around use.