What materials are FITCHUG water bottles made from?
FITCHUG water bottles are made from double wall vacuum insulated 18/8 food grade stainless steel.

What materials are FITCHUG bottle bumpers made from?
FITCHUG bottle bumpers are made from a custom blended high food grade silicone. They are BPA free and anti-slip. - (Hand Wash Only)

How do I clean my FITCHUG water bottle and bottle bumpers?
You can hand wash the FITCHUG water bottle and bumpers with plain liquid dish soap. You may also use a dish cleaning brush (not included) such as the one shown here for getting those hard to reach areas inside.

*Dishwashers are not recommended and will void your warranty.

Why no Dishwashers?
Many Dishwashers have a high heat process when drying the occupants after a wash cycle. Those high internal temps can damage the insulative properties of vacuum insulated bottles making them defective or no longer have insulative values.

Will my FITCHUG bumpers fit other water bottles?
Yes! We have only tested certain other brands and sizes (below) in which we feel confident in the actual fitment. You will need to make sure the FITCHUG water bottle bumpers you are considering will fit your exact water brand/ bottle prior to purchase. Below is a short list of other bottles we have tested with our protection systems.

FITCHUG bumpers fit the following bottles:
FITCHUG Wide Mouth 40 oz
Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 40 oz (Ver I, Pre Nov 2019)
Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 32 oz (Ver I, Pre Nov 2019)
Fifty-Fifty 40 oz
Hydro Cell  40 oz
Hydrapeak  40 oz
Iron Flask  40 oz
Mira  40 oz
Simple Modern  40 oz
*FITCHUG does not warranty other manufacturers bottles.

Do you have more than one cap/ lid for the FITCHUG water bottles?
Currently we have the following cap/ lid options seen below. All our premium water bottles come with the Flip Straw Lid as standard. The Hoop cap is available as an option and can be purchased by clicking HERE

Can I put HOT and Cold liquids in my FITCHUG?
Yes absolutely. We recommend using extreme caution when pouring any hot liquids into the bottle to avoid getting burned. FITCHUG water bottles keep liquids hot for up-to 12 hours and cold for up-to 24 hours.

NOTE we DO NOT recommend using the Flip Straw Lid if you intend on using hot liquids in your water bottle as it is NOT leak proof and could result in burns.

Can I put ice in my FITCHUG water bottle?
Yes and we highly recommend it for cold applications! Should you ever want cold liquids to hydrate the wide mouth bottle opening allows for large ice cubes to be inserted.